Benjamin Netanyahu Addresses a Message to King Mohammed VI through Jared Kushner

Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed the “courageous and historic” decision of HM King Mohammed VI, concerning peace with Tel Aviv.

Netanyahu held a joint press conference with Jared Kushner, the adviser to the U.S. president, who flew to Israel the day before his visit to Morocco with an Israeli delegation.

He told Kushner: “Pass my greetings, and those of the Israeli people, to the Moroccan sovereign for the courageous and historic decision he took under the leadership of President Donald Trump, who played an important role in achieving this,” in reference to the peace agreement between the two countries.

Netanyahu affirmed that “the Abraham Accords are having a significant impact on the region”. He added that “these accords have demonstrated to the world and the Middle East that it is possible to choose life and peace over war and hostility”.

He also stated that “during the last few months, four Arab countries have chosen life and peace over war and hostility, and other Arab countries will join the circle of peace that will continue to widen”.

A U.S. and Israeli delegation is scheduled to visit Morocco on Tuesday on a direct flight from Tel Aviv to Rabat, ahead of the signing of the peace agreement between Morocco and Israel.

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