Shadi Jaber “the flow of correct information information at a time of a pandemic is a duty”

In a recent press release Shadi Jaber urged the public to take extra care when sharinf information due to the amount of false information out there at this time. He noted that “flow of correct information” will lift up the community health wise and in terms of the economy.

In a campaign in cooperation between Shadi Jaber and the Israeli ministry of health, they urged the community again to take extreme care in sharing incredible news sources. It’s important to note that Shadi Jaber is a popular news personality from Taybie and lives in Haifa. From the early start of the pandemic Jaber made sure to share and assist the community through his social media accounts. Jaber made sure to reach all the sectors within the community and share with them all needed information in regards to the pandemic, what to do and what not to do, government grants and more.

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