Scorpions terrorize this Moroccan province

Nine people, including children, were stung last week by scorpions in the province of Ouezzane. Several of them were rushed to the Saniat Rmel hospital in Martile after their health deteriorated.An activist source told The Moroccan Press that the inhabitants are now living in terror, calling on the authorities to intervene to avoid more tragedies. He added that the provincial hospital of Ouezzane receives scorpion victims every day.

As a reminder, the Ministry of Health had warned against the risk of scorpion stings and snake bites, especially for children, during the summer season, known by an increase in cases in some regions, especially in rural areas.

The Ministry of Health had recommended, in a statement, not to put hands in pits, not to sit in grassy places and next to rocks, to wear protective shoes and clothes, not to collect firewood at night and not to walk in suspicious places.

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