Morocco to build floating gas storage and regasification plant

The Ministry of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development has announced the extension by 10 days of the consultation period for bids submitted in the call for expression of interest for the construction and operation of a floating liquefied natural gas storage and regasification unit (FSRU) in Morocco.

The importance of this project and the conditions of the national and regional market have aroused the interest of a large number of national and international companies, the ministry said in a statement, deciding to extend, by 10 days from October 15, the period of consultation of the offers received in the framework of this call for tenders launched on March 23.

This extension, explains the ministry, is motivated by the enthusiasm of the operators and the capture of new opportunities in an accelerated scheme, in order to ensure more visibility for the next stages of the realization.

During this extension, the same source added, the bidders will be able to respond to the request for additional information to the bids submitted on May 15, taking into account the addition of an additional site, in the north of the Kingdom, while detailing the structuring of the financing envisaged as well as the conditions of the gas supply contract.

The companies which have expressed their interest are contacted by the administration, in all transparency, in order to refine the offers and present a supply model allowing the security of supply for Morocco, the ministry said.

Under the enlightened leadership of King Mohammed VI, Morocco has succeeded in efficiently and effectively implementing its National Energy Strategy for sustainable, competitive and secure energy. This strategy is based on the voluntary development of renewable energies and the strengthening of natural gas in the energy mix,

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