Al Ikhwan… Taliss’ film in Moroccan theaters

From May 11, the Moroccan public will have an appointment in theaters, with the new Moroccan film Al Ikhwan, the first film of the comedian Abdelali Mehr, known as Taliss.

The film, directed by Mohamed Amine Lahmar, and written and directed artistically by Taliss, brings together a selection of actors, including Fadila Benmoussa, Abdellatif Khamouli, Rawya, Fatima Bouchane and Salaheddine Benmoussa, in addition to members of the group Humouraji, Taliss, the duo Said and Ouadih, Rachid Rafik, Mohamed Bassou, Ayoub Idri and Karima Oulhouss, in addition to media stars and influencers such as Redouane Erramdani, the dancer Maya, the actor and influencer Youssef Ouzilal, known to the Moroccan public as Fatima Taouil

The film tells the story of three friends from a Casablanca slum, each with their own story, who think to create a buzz by filming a video that ends up being leaked on the Internet, causing a warrant to be issued for their arrest. The events of the film mix tragedy and comedy, addressing the subject of terrorism and violence. The script was developed over 8 years by, and its release date in theaters coincides with the date of the terrorist attacks in Casablanca, May 16, 2003.

The film is expected to achieve significant box-office revenues, thanks to the quality of the subject matter and the way it is approached, in addition to the fame and celebrity of the participants in the work. It is also expected that it will continue to be shown for a long time in cinemas in Morocco, as happened with the film “The Road to Kabul”, which remained in theaters for more than two years and achieved an unprecedented success.

Taliss is considered one of the most brilliant Moroccan comedians. He started out with comedian Hassan El-Fed, before going on to found his own group Humouraji, presenting numerous successful comedy shows in various Moroccan cities, as well as a successful series called Oulad Ali.

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