Renewable energy: The supervisory authority is working hard to meet the challenges

Thanks to its ambitious commitments, Morocco enjoys a leading position in the MENA region in the renewable energy sector. However, the challenges facing the renewable energy industry are increasing. Corporate adaptation pressures, government policies, age-old infrastructure, the current market scenario, and the lack of appropriate battery storage systems are hindering the wider adoption of sustainable devices. 

At a conference-debate organized by the Links University Foundation on the theme “Issues and Challenges of Energy Policy in Morocco”, at the Faculty of Legal Sciences in Ain Chok, Leila Benali, Minister of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development, argued that to succeed in the energy transition to a sustainable economic model in the broadest sense of the term, it is necessary to achieve a low-carbon business environment. 

Many of the infrastructure projects being developed to achieve the energy transition are in the design stage and will require innovative approaches to contracting and risk allocation to secure investments. The challenges inherent to the energy transition are thus a very fertile ground for lawyers. 

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