Moroccans Stranded in Turkey: The Consulate Made an Announcement

More than 1,000 Moroccans stranded in Turkey were accommodated until March 23 in several hotels in the city of Istanbul after flights were suspended to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, the Moroccan Consulate General in Istanbul said on Saturday.

According to information gathered by MAP from the consulate, 479 rooms have been reserved in 16 hotels in Istanbul to support Moroccans stranded in Turkey and provide them with shelter and food, after the opening of a list between March 16 and 23 to register the names of beneficiaries.

The same source said that in order to continue to provide these services, within the limits of available means, it was decided to choose rooms for two people, and sometimes for three people.

The diplomatic representation also praised the behavior of the Moroccans in Istanbul, who showed a high sense of understanding and solidarity in these difficult circumstances.

Following the spread of the Coronavirus, the Moroccan Embassy in Ankara, in coordination with the Consulate General in Istanbul, had set up a cell to monitor and accompany members of the Moroccan community in Turkey with a view to providing them with the necessary support.

The Embassy of the Kingdom had also made telephone numbers available to the Moroccan community to respond to their requests, calling on them to strictly comply with all preventive measures taken by the Turkish authorities to combat the spread of the epidemic.

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