Coronavirus: Marrakech Hoteliers Make 1,383 Rooms Available to Medical Staff and Authorities

Marrakech Hotel owners are contributing to national efforts to fight the epidemic. The operators of the ochre city have provided no less than 1,383 rooms for the benefit of medical staff and the authorities.

In a spirit of solidarity and to support the efforts of public authorities in the fight against Coronavirus, Marrakech hoteliers have decided to reserve 1,383 rooms for the benefit of medical staff and the authorities, Le360 learns from reliable sources.

According to these sources, the hundreds of rooms will be available from Monday, April 6. In total, some 22 hotel establishments in the city, among hotels, riads and guesthouses are participating in this operation.

Our sources indicate that it is up to the authorities of the city (wilaya) to supervise the whole operation in coordination with the regional tourism delegation.

It should be recalled that, in a similar spirit of solidarity, the Mogador Hotels and Resorts chain, of the Ynna group of the Chaabi family, has made 4 of its hotels available to the public authorities. These four establishments have a total capacity of about 2,000 beds.

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