Illegal Immigrants Pay 60,000 Dirhams to Return to Morocco

Faced with the Coronavirus pandemic, illegal immigration is now taking place from the north to the south of the Mediterranean. The Moroccan illegal immigrants who had emigrated to Spain are now taking the opposite route, under the same conditions, to escape from Covid-19 and reach Morocco. Elements of the gendarmerie and the local authorities have therefore declared a state of maximum alert in the Larache region. They are in a real race against the clock to save the dozens of young people who have returned from Spain on board the two inflatable boats that were caught in raging seas.  

Due to the fear of the pandemic, the establishment of a state of emergency in Spain, unemployment and pressure on drug traffickers, these Moroccans have been forced to return to their country. According to authorized sources, each of these 100 “immigrants” paid 60,000 (16,335USD) dirhams to the organizers of the operation. But as they approached the Moroccan coast, near Larache, they were surprised by huge waves and remained stuck in the waters for a whole day. A smuggler from Kenitra was able to take them to a beach near the Akla douar for 300,000 Dirhams (81677USD).  

The daily Al Ahdath Al Maghribia reported in its Thursday 2 April edition that the returnees, who feared being pursued by the authorities, vanished into thin air as soon as they arrived. Members of the royal gendarmerie in the commune of Laouamra did carry out an investigation but they were unable to locate any “immigrants” in the local douars. The gendarmes of Moulay Bousselham, who took over, have however found the trace of some of them, who had taken refuge in unusual places. One man was caught huddled in a traditional clay oven in the Chaoufaa douar. The search continues in douars located in the communes of Moulay Bousselham and Sidi Boubker Haj, in the province of Kenitra. The main objective is to ensure that the fugitives do not carry the virus.

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