Casablanca: The International University Theater Festival Postponed at the Last Minute

Painful. This is how we can describe the decision to postpone, at the last minute, the 32nd edition of the Casablanca International University Theater Festival.

It should be recalled that the International University Theater Festival of Casablanca (FITUC) is one of the oldest festivals in Morocco, initiated by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the metropolis.

Its organizers had hoped that the health crisis would be resolved before the holding of this 2020 edition, scheduled from July 7 to 12. But despite the reduced restrictions, hosting events and gatherings are still banned. The FITUC organizing committee therefore considered it more reasonable to postpone this 32nd edition to a later date. A date which will be communicated as soon as possible to the different national and international partners of the event.

Abdelkader Gonegai, Dean of the Faculty of Letters and Humanities Ben Msik, Hassan II University of Casablanca, and President of the FITUC, considered this decision extremely harsh and regrettable. “The coordinating committee of the festival has worked with great seriousness and dedication for the organization of this edition, and several ideas and projects have been proposed to give this edition a special momentum, but its holding was still dependent on the safety of guests, participants and organizers,” he said.

The dean stressed in a statement issued on Thursday 18 June that “the next step will be for everyone to focus on establishing a new dynamic that aims to establish a new organizational strategy and mechanisms that will take into account the current developments in the world, with the aim of achieving the vision and objectives of the festival in the best possible conditions”.

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