Explosion in Beirut: Lebanese Artists Express Thanks to His Majesty King Mohammed VI

Lebanese artists appreciated the initiative of His Majesty King Mohammed VI for urgent humanitarian and medical assistance to the Lebanese people following the explosions that shook the port of the capital Beirut on 4 August.

During a visit to the military field hospital deployed on the King’s high instructions to provide emergency care to the population victim of this tragedy, Lebanese artists expressed their gratitude and esteem for this noble gesture of the Sovereign. They also expressed their appreciation for his mobilization to lend assistance to Lebanon through the establishment of an air bridge to deliver emergency humanitarian and medical aid, the aim being to relieve and heal the wounds of the Lebanese people.

In this regard, the artist Walid Taoufiq, in a statement to the Moroccan press, expressed his deep and sincere thanks and gratitude to the King and Morocco, government and people, for this initiative of solidarity which has contributed greatly to alleviate the suffering of the Lebanese. He added that Morocco was at the head of the countries which responded favorably to the appeal for assistance launched by the Lebanese authorities following this tragedy to support the Lebanese people. He also noted that the Moroccan initiative is a model to be followed in terms of the values of human solidarity.

For his part, the Lebanese comedian Dabouz Dabouz, in a similar statement, said that the Moroccan humanitarian and solidarity initiative reflects the Sovereign’s solidarity with Lebanon and reaffirms once again the caring and generosity of Morocco, which provided assistance to the victims of the explosions. The aid and medical services provided by the military field hospital will have a positive impact on the Lebanese people who are suffering from the lack of health infrastructure which was destroyed by the explosions, he noted.

Meanwhile, artist Khalil Abu Obeid sent his deep gratitude to the King for this noble initiative that will bring relief to the Lebanese people after so much destruction caused by the explosions. The medical aid sent by Morocco to assist the people of Beirut is highly appreciated by Lebanon, he added, stressing the strong ties uniting the Lebanese and Moroccan peoples.

Many Lebanese artists including Najwa Karam, Assi Al Hillani, Melhem Zeine, Wissam El Al Amir, Wael Jassar expressed their gratitude and thanks to the King for this initiative of solidarity towards the Lebanese people. They expressed their consideration of Morocco’s position and generosity towards Lebanon, highly commending the efforts made by Morocco under the leadership of King Mohammed VI to rescue the Lebanese people following the explosions.

The visit took place in the presence of Morocco’s ambassador to Lebanon M’hamed Grine and a number of Moroccan and Lebanese military cadres alongside civil society actors and local media.

Several Lebanese artists launched Hashtag on social networks under the title “Thank you HM King Mohammed VI”, in recognition of the Moroccan initiative.

It should be noted that His Majesty King Mohammed VI had given his high instructions to send emergency medical and humanitarian aid to the Lebanese Republic. The urgent Moroccan humanitarian and medical aid destined for Lebanon arrived at Beirut International Airport on 7 July. The Sovereign had also given his high instructions for the dispatch and deployment in Beirut of a military field hospital to provide emergency medical care to the people injured in this incident.

At least 178 people were killed in the deadly explosion in the port of the Lebanese capital, while dozens of others are still missing.

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