Riad El Omor Sings to Beirut for Love and Solidarity

As part of a solidarity initiative coming from the heart of a man who loves his country, the Lebanese artist Riad El Omor is releasing a new song for Lebanon, which is added to his artistic repertoire, with the presence of Ambassador Ziad Atallah at the Lebanese Embassy in Morocco. The song is entitled “Beirut Tajmaa’na” (Beirut brings us together). It comes in response to the disaster that struck the Lebanese capital following the explosion of the port, causing many victims, material damage and turning the city into a ruin.

This new song, which was written by Ahmed Issam, composed by the famous Lebanese musician Ahmad Barakat and produced by the Moroccan Karim Slaoui was released in two versions. The first one in artwork form by the designer Med Zaki, while the second one is in the form of a documentary video clip by the director Driss Roukhe and the supervision of Abdelouahed Mjahed. The clip contains painful scenes from the heart of the disaster that has been denounced by several countries that have declared their solidarity with the Lebanese people who love life.

Despite the optimism of the song, where Riad El Omor sings in a passage: “From the heart of the ruins the morning sun has risen, we will not forget, we will not be silent about what happened”, the song was not stripped of a painful tone, the artist being a Lebanese citizen living abroad and far from his family. He feels heartbroken on the one hand because of what is happening in his country and on the other hand because of the death of his uncle the martyr General Jihad Omor, a victim of the explosion. He did not have the chance to see him or to attend his funeral because of the Coronavirus, which deepened his misery.

Riad says: “The song is a message of love and solidarity that I am sending from Morocco – my second home country for years, where I have built a stable and secure life – to my native Lebanon, which I left against my will, leaving behind my memories, my family, my friends and part of my soul. I wanted to share with my audience the pain and misery that Beirut experienced, and to express my sincere and deepest sympathies with the victims and their families.”

For his part, the Lebanese Ambassador to Morocco, Ziad Attallah, congratulated Riad El Omor for the release and success of his song. He considered the title of the song as an expression of the identity of the city which is an icon of culture and a beacon of modernism and civilization, to which challenges and wars add beauty. The ambassador said in a statement made on the occasion: “Indeed, Beirut gathers us in its miseries and successes, in its war and peace, in its past and future, in its churches and mosques”.

On the other hand, the Lebanese singer who has been living in Morocco for years expressed his love for several national holidays. He thanked the kingdom and its people as well as His Majesty King Mohammed VI for his compassion towards Lebanon and the Lebanese, and for the generous initiative he sent to the country following the disaster.

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