Morocco in the Top 3 Favorite Destinations for French Retirees

The French newspaper Challenges has just published a ranking of the leading destinations for French retirees. Morocco is in 3rd place in this ranking.

The ranking, which was published on Saturday, September 12, shows that Morocco, with a score of 62.7 out of 100, is among the top three destinations for every French person wishing to enjoy a golden retirement in the sun. It is ranked after Spain and Portugal, with a score of 63.7 and 64.8 respectively.

According to Challenges, Morocco remains one of the countries with several assets because “it has not experienced any terrorist attacks since 2015, and continues to attract many retirees thanks to its sunny climate, its tax system and its Francophonie.”

Other countries are in this top 10, namely Tunisia in 6th position, Greece in 7th, Italy in 8th, Senegal 9th and finally Bali in last place. Without forgetting Thailand and Mauritius which occupy respectively the 4th and 5th places.

It should be noted that several criteria are taken into consideration, including the cost of living, security, climate, medical care, health, accessibility, real estate value, cultural heritage, recreation, cuisine, integration and finally, infrastructure.   

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