Bossil and Tamer: The Controversy

The private life of the Moroccan fashion designer Basma Bousil and her husband, the Egyptian artist Tamer Hosni, has become the subject of the moment. This was the case following the announcement of Basma separation from her husband through a post on “Instagram”.

Bossil made a huge fuss. Immediately after confirming that she was taking legal steps to end her relationship with her husband after an eight-year marriage, Tamer broke his silence and sent her a message, via his official “Instagram” page, calling on her to end the conflict between them.

The Egyptian artist published a series of messages, including his response to the news of his divorce. He explained that his wife’s reflection on divorce was the result of many followers intervening via “social media” in their personal lives. Tamer then stated that he asked Basma to focus on the positive points in their lives and listen only to those who give them positive energy.

As for Basma Bousil, she posted a message via her personal account on”Instagram” in which she responded to her husband’s words and said: “Really, I was reckless, just because I love you”.

Some supporters, however, considered this was intended as an outcry by Basma and her husband, Tamer, to promote his latest artwork. Others felt that Tamer did not need to promote his novelty in this way, especially since he is considered one of the most famous artists in the Arab world, and his works are widely seen.

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