Idris Jettou Verifies the Health Care System

Parliamentarians Review the Offers of Resuscitation Beds and Ventilators

According to sources from “Al-Sabah”, the judges of the Supreme Council of Accounts will be summoned to the headquarters of the Ministry of Health for multiple tasks. These include inspecting and evaluating the governance of the health system, monitoring and evaluating the Ministry’s information system, inspecting the “Ramid” program, health insurance, and monitoring the progress of medical emergencies.

Idris Jettou, who is the first president of the Supreme Council of Accounts, called on members of parliament to grant his judges the power to control all transactions of institutions and ministries. That’s in reference to the Ministry of Health, which received funding of 200 billion centimes. He also added that the Supreme Council of Accounts has the capacity to examine the agreements and compare them on the ground, unlike parliamentarians who will only carry out verification tasks that may not work.

The Ministry of Health has carried out 245 deals, out of 700 offers, made by 100 companies. These included the purchase of resuscitation beds, 32 chest “scanners”, more than 1,200 beds equipped with all technical means and 1,450 artificial respirators.

The Independence Team requested the Parliament’s presidency to set up an investigation committee to find out the results of the manufacture of 500 ventilators. This came after Moulay Hafid El-Alami, Minister of Trade and Industry, and Khaled Ait Al-Talib, Minister of Health, exchanged accusations about their effectiveness, as well as about the medical community.

Noureddine Madian, head of the Independence Team of the House of Representatives’ Finance Committee, accused the Ministry of Health of manipulating agreements by buying old resuscitation beds and repainting them. This provoked an outcry in the House of Representatives’ Chamber 11, as he demanded an investigation into all the ministry’s purchases and the verification of its accounts.

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