Najat El Hachmi winner of the Nadal Prize for her novel “Monday, they will love us”

The Spanish writer of Moroccan origin, Najat El Hachmi, has won the 77 Nadal Novel Prize, one of Spain’s prestigious literary prizes, for her book “Monday, they will love us”.

The novel, written by Najat El Hachmi in Spanish and Catalan, tells the story of two friends living on the margins of society and their fight for freedom.

“Monday they will love us” tells “the story of the friendship between two girls from immigrant families, and describes their fight for freedom in a neighbourhood on the outskirts of the city, with its challenges and constraints for women”, said Najat El Hachmi, receiving the award on Wednesday in a ceremony restricted due to health measures, in the presence of a limited number of guests from among the elite of Barcelona’s academic and media world.

Born in Nador in 1979, Najat El Hachmi, who left in 1987 with her family at the age of eight to settle in Vic near Barcelona (Catalonia), has already received several awards for her literary works, including the novel “The Last Patriarch”, which won the Ramon Llull Prize, one of the most important literary prizes in the region of Catalonia.

Najat El Hachmi is also the author of the novels “I am Catalan too”, “The Body Hunter” and “The Foreign Girl”.

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