Parliament: What Akhannouch said in the face of criticism

Aziz Akhannouch believes it is necessary to move up a gear to meet citizens’ expectations.

The examination of the draft budget will provide an opportunity to take stock of how the government intends to finance the announced reform programmes, particularly those relating to health and education. The Head of Government has been questioned on this issue by the opposition.

In his response in the Chamber this week, Akhannouch referred to the increase in tax revenues and the need for the parties concerned to fulfil their duty in this regard. The government intends to tackle the problem of tax evasion, which deprives the state of important revenues. But will this option alone be sufficient? This question will be examined within the legislative institution with the new Minister of the Economy and Finance and the Minister Delegate in charge of the budget, from 20 October.

Akhannouch was also questioned about the growth rate, which was considered too low to give a boost to the promotion of employment. The opposition doubts that the government will be able to honour its commitment to create one million jobs in five years. Is this a utopian goal? Some MPs point out that the impact of the growth rate on job creation in Morocco has declined considerably in recent years.

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