Handicrafts. The government restructures the sector

The restructuring of the craft sector is on track. The last government council approved the draft decree n° 2.21.991 establishing the list of handicraft activities.

This decree sets out the list of activities of the craft industry. It will thus make it possible to structure the craft activity into two trades, i.e. art and profit-making crafts and service crafts. In detail, these two families of trades will be divided into 13 sectors and 172 activities.

According to the Ministry of Tourism, Handicrafts and Social Economy and Solidarity, this decree is part of the actions of the ministry to provide artisans a legal framework suitable for the exercise of their profession. The same source states that the text adopted strengthens the legal arsenal defining the profession of the craftsman carried by the law 50.17, adding that the provisions of this law have enabled the restructuring of the profession of craftsman and the establishment of the National Register of the Craftsman. This is a register that is a fundamental tool for improving the condition of the craftsman, including its inclusion in the royal project of social coverage.

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