Morocco: new calls to cancel GMT+1

With the arrival of the winter season, Internet users have once again launched calls on social networks to cancel the GMT+1 time zone, currently in force in Morocco.

Some internet users have called for a return to GMT, considering that schoolchildren are the most affected, especially during the winter, when parents find it very difficult to accompany their children in the dark.

For his part, the activist Abdelali Rami said that students leave home in the dark and go back to sleep on the school bus. He added that the majority of citizens turn on their lights early in the morning, and that therefore the extra hour is of no use.

In this regard, the Democratic Labour Organisation (ODT) called on the government to review and cancel the decree on overtime and return to GMT, due to the negative effects of GMT+1 on citizens’ health.

In a press release, the union deplored the negative effects of this schedule on the health of employees, calling on the government to reconsider it and return to the GMT schedule in order to protect citizens, especially children.

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