Omicron: the Spanish school in Rabat closes its doors

One more school temporarily closed due to the new variant. The Spanish school in Rabat has announced the closure of its doors from Monday 10 January to Sunday 16. This, after the detection of several cases of Covid within the school. Classes will be held remotely.

Several schools have announced the closure of their doors in recent days following an upsurge in cases of Covid-19. This is the case of the Lyautey and Massignon French high schools in Casablanca, the Saint Exupéry and Descartes high schools in Rabat, and the Juan Ramon Jimenez Spanish school in the economic capital.

In addition, government spokesman Mustapha Baitas said at a press briefing after the Government Council on Thursday 6 January that the possibility of a total closure of schools is currently excluded.

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