Ouahbi: The fight against corruption is the responsibility of the State, not of associations

Abdellatif Ouahbi, the Minister of Justice, has once again defended his controversial statements on the prohibition of associations for the protection of public funds to file complaints against elected officials involved in corruption, and his intention to introduce an amendment to the code of criminal procedure, with the aim of limiting it specifically to the Ministry of the Interior.

Indeed, Ouahbi clung to the same statements, during his appearance on a program broadcast on A Aoula, Wednesday, stressing that the state operates according to the logic of institutions and that the role of these institutions lies in the fight against various manifestations of corruption, considering that the current debate deviates from the right path, because the elected representative is under the supervision of the Ministry of the Interior. The Minister also said that he receives complaints that have no names or addresses, which is why they are classified as malicious complaints.

Ouahbi’s statements triggered a major human rights controversy, with the National Observatory for the Fight against Corruption and the Protection of Public Funds calling the statements “disrespectful and shocking” and aimed at “the siege of associations and prohibiting them from exercising their democratic rights, constitutional role of human rights, society and human rights in the fight against corruption.”

On the other hand, the Moroccan Association for Human Rights said that the content of the statement of the Minister of Justice in Parliament, concerning the right of civil associations to inform the public prosecutor’s office of suspicions of corruption in the management of public funds “can only be understood as a call to end their role in the handling of public affairs and the fight against corruption.

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