Tourism in Morocco: The Sector Is at Risk of Losing 80 Billion DH in Foreign Exchange Earnings

While the measures to be put in place have not changed too much since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, “There is a significant difference between what operators in the sector are asking for, in order to restart their activities, and the government’s real intentions to rescue a sector which has been totally destroyed by the recent crisis.”

“It is necessary to act quickly and effectively”, said the operators repeatedly.

Nearly 80 billion DH of foreign exchange earnings are at stake, a sum that may indeed go elsewhere, if the preparation of the summer season is compromised.  

Professionals are now waiting for a resumption of operations on all the levels: wage subsidies, exemption from the RMI, deferment of tax payments, financing of working capital and rescheduling of current credits.

An urgent and comprehensive approach must be taken, both by the State and the banks, to ensure recovery.

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