Laila Ghofran: The Voice of Sadness

Laila Ghofran is one of the rare Moroccan artists to have managed to establish herself in Egypt, the Hollywood of the East, at a time when making a place for oneself there, even if it is a small one, is a difficult ambition to achieve, especially when one is of foreign nationality.

Laila Ghofran was born in Casablanca in March 1961. She began her career in the mid-80s. In just a few years, she became the most sought-after singer in all the five-star hotels in Cairo and Alexandria, frequented by the Egyptian elite, especially after marrying the producer Ibrahim Al-Akkad who produced most of her work. However, she divorced him. Hiba, the daughter of this marriage, will be found dead at the home of one of her friends, which caused Laila Ghofran a terrible shock that greatly affected her artistic career.

Laila Ghofran is known for her multiple marriages. After Al Akkad, she married the Iraqi singer Fouad Masoud and had with him her daughter Nagham, then she married the director Anas Daya, and later, she married the businessmen Ismail Khurshid, Adham Mohammad and Murad Abu Al-Ainayn, from whom she separated in 2015.

Laila Ghofran’s music collection is rich with several songs, each as good as the next, but these songs have not had the same success as her covers of the great classical songs such as those of Talal Meddah, Abdelhalim Hafez, etc.

Laila Ghofran had to face many court cases which also affected her career. She has been involved in a copyright infringement case as well as a tax evasion case, just as she had a dispute with the production company “Rotana”.

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