Venice Festival: Zanka Contact Is Selected

The young 37-year-old director Ismaël El Iraki has taken a new path and is now directing feature films. This path has earned him the selection of his film at the Venice Film Festival. The latter had already won the Atlas Prize for post-production at the “Ateliers de l’Atlas” during the last edition of the Marrakech International Film Festival (FIFM).

“One year ago, to the day, it was our last day of shooting for Zanka Contact. Today, my heart overflows with joy and gratitude for each of the members of our team, each of the crazy and talented workers who accompanied me in this adventure”: said the director.

The film revolves around the infernal underground Casablanca, where the passionate and burning love story between Larsen and Rajae sets the world on fire, where music-loving mackerels, sadistic cops and other venomous snakes rub shoulders with each other. Sharing a hidden trauma in common, the couple will find that rock n’ roll is their mutual saviour. Perhaps their only hope of living a true romance lies in the song they wrote together: Zanka Contact.

Ismaël El Iraki, who was born in Morocco in 1983, is a graduate of La Fémis in directing. His first short films were inspired by the movement of ” Nayda “, the Casablanca Movida of the 2000s, and The Emir. His first feature film was written after a long immersion in the cannabis environment of Northern Morocco.

Ismaël El Iraki, who is passionate about live music, founded a concert recording company in Paris.

Having lived through the horror of the terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13, 2015, Ismaël wrote the screenplay for Zanka Contact in order to pay tribute and to the strength the goodwill of the survivors of this violence encounter.

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