His Majesty the King Grants Royal Pardon for 550 Individuals

To mark the anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the People, His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God help him, pardoned 550 people sentenced by various courts in the Kingdom, announces the Ministry of Justice in a statement.

The text reads as follows: “In commemoration of the King and People’s Revolution of this year 1442 H/2020 G, The King Mohammed VI, May Allah be with him throughout his glory, has granted pardon to a group of 550 inmates judged by various courts in the Kingdom.

– The beneficiaries of Royal Pardon who are in detention are 472 prisoners. These are distributed as follows:

1. Royal Pardon from the remaining term of imprisonment or reclusion in favor of 195 prisoners.

2. Remission of the prison sentence or term of imprisonment for the benefit of 275 inmates.

– The number of beneficiaries of the royal pardon who are at liberty is 78. The distribution of the beneficiaries is as follows:

1.Pardon on the prison sentence or its remaining sentence for the benefit of 37 inmates.

2. Pardon on the sentence of imprisonment with maintenance of the fine for the benefit of 03 persons.

3. Pardon on the penalty of a fine for the benefit of 38 persons.

May God keep His Majesty the King, source of kindness and mercy, maintain his glory and preserve His Royal Highness Crown Prince Moulay Al Hassan and all members of the Royal Family. “

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