Tangier: Did Rachid Allali Abuse the State of Health Emergency? (PHOTOS)

Rachid Allali finds himself at the center of a controversy. On his holiday in Tangier, the famous TV host posted photos of himself, not wearing a mask, on Achakar beach on Wednesday.

Outrage is everywhere on the Internet. Many Internet users have commented with astonishment after the photos were published, especially as the authorities have closed all the beaches in the Tangier region as part of preventive measures against Covid-19.

Shortly after the publication of these photos, Rachid Allali was reportedly called and questioned by the Tangier police. According to consistent sources, the presenter reportedly paid a fine of 300 dirhams for having violated the state of health emergency and for his failure to wear a protective mask. The police pointed out that the case could be referred to the king’s prosecutor at the Tangier court of first instance.

It is worth noting that Law Decree 2.20.292 issuing specific measures for the state of health emergency stated that any offender is subjected to a sentence of one month to three months in prison as well as a fine of 300 to 1.300 DH or one of the two penalties, without specifying which is the heavier penalty.

The same penalties are imposed on all those who violate the decisions of the public authorities by using violence, threats, fraud or constraint.

The Decree Law imposes the same penalty on any person who incites others to hinder or violate the decisions of the authorities by means of speeches, shouting or threats or by any means using an electronic medium for this purpose.

This Decree-Law is part of the urgent preventive measures taken by the public authorities, in line with article 21 of the Constitution. Its purpose is to ensure the security of the population and the national territory, with respect for the fundamental rights and freedoms guaranteed to all.

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