Morocco: A Video of a Swimming Pool in the Street Shocks the Internet

With such uncivil, irresponsible and “I don’t care” behavior, how are we supposed to defeat this cursed pandemic, with its daily toll of thousands of confirmed cases and dozens of deaths?

The government has taken firm action in several cities that hold the sad record for the dramatic increase in the contamination of the new Coronavirus, such as Casablanca, Beni Mellal and Marrakech. During this painful time of health emergency, local youths have found nothing “better” than to dive into a plastic pool full of water, placed in the middle of the public street.

The video of this shameful bathing has gone viral on social networks. The comrades and friends of these young, reckless, and unconscious people applauded this childish and unconscious ” achievement ” and filmed the scene, laughing foolishly. The video also shows that elements of the police arrived on the scene while the “bathers” hurriedly fled and returned home.

Many citizens, strongly and outrageously, requested security services to arrest the suspects and also to punish, as they should, anyone who dared to violate the state of health emergency measures in this way.

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