Ali B: The Artist of Rhymes Passion and Commitment

The Dutch rapper of Moroccan origin, Ali Bouali, better known under the nickname Ali B, continues his media ascent in the Dutch audiovisual landscape. He is currently featured as a member of the jury in the famous TV crochet show “The Voice” and also has his own music show “Ali B op volle toeren”, translated literally as Ali B at full speed. However, the man does not intend to stop there, as he has other projects at heart.

“Curiosity has always been my greatest talent,” Ali B said in an interview with AD, a Dutch media company, and our colleagues at shared some excerpts. “Discovering things, coming back with and making people happy, gathering, sharing. I also do that with ‘Ali B op volle toeren’,” he continues.

Fulfilling his role as a TV host with passion, he explains that he brings together fans of musical genres such as pop music, rock and roll, some titles of which were, in the mid-50s to the 80s, notorious hits that remain in the memories (the golden oldies). He brings them face to face with young rappers who have not yet achieved a certain level of fame. Ali B’s goal is to confront these two totally different worlds. Enough to make him say that beyond musical differences, music remains precisely a link that unites everyone.

Still in this interview, Ali B gives a glimpse of some of his future projects. Indeed, he plans to participate in five prime time programs on Dutch television this season. He adds: “I have a lot of projects. I’ve started to live healthier. I’m training, eating well and less meat”.

However, his activities are diversified since he also coaches a range of artists through a management company owned by his wife. Not only that, Ali B intends to create what he calls “the personal development library of the Netherlands”. Many people don’t know what they’re good at,” he says. “I’d like to help them see more clearly. I would like to help them see more clearly.” He concludes: “Making books, studies and training available to everyone would be a way for them to find themselves”. Strong commitments on the part of the artist and above all an example to follow.

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