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Peek at the Best Macro Photography Results with Premium Microlens Features on OPPO Reno7

Tips on How to Get Stunning Macro Photos with Your Mobile Phone

Casablanca, 24 th May, After a long wait for its presence by its fans, Globally technology brand OPPO has finally officially launched the OPPO Reno7 in Morocco in an engaging launch event on the 9th of May 2022 with the presence of partners, fans, influencers and local media. 

OPPO Reno7 represents refined design and cutting edge photography technologies. The new Reno7 is the 1st smartphone in the industry in Morocco to feature the flagship IMX 709 sensor co-developed by OPPO and Sony, the Microlens and Fiberglass-leather design. It is also the first time in the OPPO Reno series phone to add a Microlens with up to 30 times magnification. In contrast to macro photography which shoots an object in actual size with 1:1, this micro photography takes very small photos with a magnification of 15:1 and above like using a microscope. 

People generally tend to be curious in a limitless way, and with this Microlens on Reno7, the users will satisfy their desires to explore the unknown with a magnification that goes up to 30x. The Microlens lets you record the unseen microscopic world by taking photos using 15x or 30x magnification. When the Microlens is enabled, a millimeter scale will automatically appear on the screen, helping you enjoy a new perspective of the micro world. Looking under a microscope gives us a new perspective on the world around us. With the 2-megapixel Microlens on OPPO Reno7 and support for 16.6x magnification on both video and photos, OPPO introduces a new way to experience smartphone photography and maximize your creativity and curiosity. 

As the short focal length of the Microlens requires the phone to be placed very close to the objects being photographed, OPPO also added a new Orbit Light underneath the Microlens to provide additional illumination while the Microlens has enabled. The Orbit Light under the Microlens automatically illuminates when the Microlens is turned on. The unique design of the light helps to better illuminate objects in front of the Microlens, ensuring better image quality, while also improving the utilization of space on the camera module. In addition to acting as a fill light for the Microlens, the Orbit Light also gently “breathes” with different patterns when the phone is switched on, charging, receives an incoming call or unread notification, or when the user starts a game. The flashes of Orbit Light cause fewer disruptions than other notification features found on other phones.

You don’t have to buy an expensive macro lens to get incredible close-up photographs or Selfies, especially if you don’t have a camera. All you need is your New Reno7 and a bit of curiosity. Some additional tips to help you get stunning better shots using your newly launched Reno7 are to Keep the subject still and make sure there is good lighting when shooting objects with rich detail or texture and details on clothing. 

“The OPPO Morocco brand has always had the vision of promoting Moroccan culture, through innovative concepts, I give as examples the “Monument Challenge” and “Moroccan Colors”. Today, with the launch of the new Reno7 smartphone, OPPO will continue on the same momentum, our goal is to show Moroccan culture differently while taking advantage of the new features of the OPPO Reno7 smartphone to link Moroccan culture with Microlens technology. We will use this feature to take a trip into our Moroccan culture. ” Abdelilah Akrim, Head of Marketing at OPPO Morocco

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