“Adda Elkalam”: Saâd Lamjarred’s New Song in Egyptian Dialect

Saâd Lamjarred continues to open his career to new horizons, as he now sings in Egyptian for the first time.

His new song, “Adda Elkalam”, written by Amir Teima, composed by Aziz Elshafie and shot in France, will be released on July 5th.

Saâd Lamjarred is a multilingual singer who, thanks to the Super Star program in 2007 and well-known for his songs “Enty”, “Lm3allem” and “Casablanca”.

Having made his name thanks in particular to his well-known songs, such as ” Enty “, ” Lm3allem ” and ” Casablanca “, Saâd Lamjarred, who is a multilingual singer, has confirmed with this new Egyptian song his desire to sing in other languages and dialects of the Arab world.

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