Headaches During Ramadan: Discover Its Causes and Ways to Avoid It

Headaches and migraines are very common during Ramadan. The reason for this is a sudden change in diet, fatigue, lack of sleep and other factors.

This type of headache is characterized by a variety of symptoms. These include a feeling of tension, mild to moderate pain, or constant pressure on the sides of the head, and is the result of several causes, the most important of which are the following:

– Changes in sleeping and eating times.

– Changes in medication timing, especially blood pressure and diabetes medications.

– Not taking the usual doses of tea, coffee and caffeine in the morning.

– Lack of smoking makes the smoker feel terrible headaches due to the lack of nicotine.

The causes of Ramadan headaches differ in severity and timing, as neurosurgeons have distinguished the first type of headache occurs during fasting and stems from the lower quantity of sugar the body needs to stimulate blood circulation. The second type of headache occurs after breakfast and is due to the consumption of food and drink at the same time. This leads to high insulin levels and subsequently a low blood sugar level.

In order to reduce the pain of headaches during fasting, specialists recommend following a few tips:

– Organizing medication appointments before Ramadan and following up with the specialist doctor.

– Postponing the Suhoor meal as much as possible in order to store a large amount of energy for daytime work.

– Drinking enough water and fluids during Suhoor meal to reduce the symptoms of dehydration that cause headaches.

– Avoid eating large amounts of food during the Suhoor meal, and it is best to eat legumes at this meal.

– Making sure you eat magnesium-rich meals, which help regulate blood sugar and send nerve messages to the brain.

– Eating vegetables and fruit rich in fiber to retain water in the body longer.

– Getting enough sleep.

– Avoiding tension and stress as much as possible.

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